Vifah V163 Acacia Hardwood Privacy Screen

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Made of premium Plantation Teak. 4 panels are included in the box. Pre-treated, expertly kiln-dried. Extremely durable for outdoor/indoor use. Mold, mildew, fungi, termites, rot and decay resistant. The screen can be easily folded down for storage or relocation. Environmentally friendly and harvested from protected forests. 1 in. D x 102 in. W x 48 in. H (60 lbs.). Design: The privacy screen is made of 100% Premium Plantation Teak and can be used virtually anywhere including on the patio, around the pool, deck, porch, garden, balcony or even indoors. Very little assembly needed and simple folding mechanism even gives you the opportunity to take the screen with you on vacation if you wish. Material: The privacy screen is made of Premium Plantation Teak which is grown in sustainable production throughout the seasonally dry tropics in forestry plantations. Plantation grown teak is not exactly the same with the old-growth teak, which is reputable for durability, structural strength, attractive appearance, and sanity smooth surface. However kiln drying allows for sustainable, plantation-grown teak to perform nearly on par with old-growth teak. Similar to the old-growth teak, plantation-grown teak has a rich golden color throughout its grain, and provides an elegant look for any outdoor wood products. It also has a lot of natural oils that make it water repellent, insect resistant, and suitable for use in exposed locations. The wood also has the unique qualities of not rotting or accumulating rust even when joined with metal.


  • 4 panels are included in the box
  • Acacia Hardwood is harvested from protected forests
  • Dimension: 102 inches L x 1 inch W x 48 inches H
  • Carton Dimension:48″L x 26″W x 4″H
  • Weight:58 lbs


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