Gorilla Gripper ‘Advantage’ 44015 GP (General Purpose) Panel Carrier System

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Gorilla Gripper’s ‘Advantage’ 44015 is a GP (General Purpose) Panel Carrier is a unique Lifting & Carrying System and is not just for construction industry. Its ergonomic design allows one person to carry heavy sheet goods (such as plywood, drywall, particle board, melamine, thick glass panels & lots of other such materials), from the top using only one hand. Comes with a ergo cushion- handle for all day comfort. The Gorilla Gripper simplifies that task, greatly reduces the strain & risk of injury to the back, neck, shoulders, arms & hands. Gorilla Gripper works by clamping onto the top of the panel, creating a sturdy temporary handle for the person who is carrying it. It grips & won’t let go until you lower the handle. It allows the user to lift & move such materials with a straight back, eliminating the requirement of bending over to get under the bottom, thus avoiding the torqued back & the aches & pains that are far too familiar to construction workers, woodworkers even do-it-yourself. Gorilla Gripper is made of an eXtremely durable glass-filled nylon polymer gripper plates & epoxy coated steel supports arms. Has a continuously self- adjusting from zero (0) to 3/4″ (zero (0) to 21mm). It’s also excellent for carrying signs (Single or multiple up to the full 3/4″ thickness capacity of the gripper). The special rubber gripping pads mounted on both plates protect the surfaces of the materials from being damaged or marred. Rate up to 100 pounds. Sporting the Gorilla Gripper logo. American Engineered & Made in the USA. There’s nothing priced or like the Gorilla Gripper Lifting & Carrying System… In other words the Gorilla Gripper ‘Advantage’ ROCKS – it works!


  • Ergonomic design for one person, Cushion-handle for all day comfort
  • Super leverage ‘Advantage’ Rate up to 100 pounds
  • High-strength glass-filled nylon polymer gripper plates
  • Labor-saving. Back-saving.
  • American Engineered and Made in the USA


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