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The Best Memory Foam Mattress

After a hectic day, all we want more than anything else is an undisturbed sleep at night. Sleeping on the sofa or floor would give a miniature fraction out of what a mattress offers, in fact, these improvisations of a good mattress only leave one waking up with aching joints.

For centuries, all sorts of mattress have been produced, and are now being used in homes. These include: Innerspring mattress; Hybrid mattress; Pillow-top mattress; Gel mattress; Latex mattress; Airbed; Waterbed; Memory foam mattress.

The memory foam mattress, after several years of its unwavering unique and therapeutic quality, stands out among the rest.

The memory foam, also known as “viscoelastic polyurethane foam” was first produced by NASA in 1966 to improve the safety of the seats in aircrafts.

The memory foam is made up of three layers:

  1. COMFORT LAYER: This is the uppermost part. It contains special materials that mold into the sleeper’s body the moment it comes in contact with body heat, thus preventing pressure sores and relieving pressure points. The mattress returns back to its normal horizontal shape once free of load.
  2. SUPORT LAYER: This is the second and more rigid stratum which aids in retaining the overall shape of the mattress. It supports the comfort layer.
  3. BASE LAYER: It is the final layer below, and offers support to the two layers above it. It is the most rigid, and thickest of the three layers.

A number of mattress companies have produced various brands of memory mattress, and consumers are often torn between which to choose. When selecting a memory foam mattress or any mattress at all, you need to consider the mattress’ compositions in terms of density, ILD (Indentation Load Deflection), comfort, firmness, and durability.

Here are the common types Memory Foam Mattress:


This brand of memory foam mattress has petroleum-based polyurethane foam for material. Although it has a number of good qualities in terms of comfort, there have been complaints about its hotness when slept on. This is because it retains its occupant’s body heat nearer to them rather than releasing it. CLICK HERE TO CHECK THEM OUT


This plant-based memory foam has zero emissions or toxic VOCs. It does not rely on body heat to conform, and its response and recovery time is quicker. The open-cell brand helps to breathe better, and it contains the Cargill reporting plant-based materials which make sleep 25% cooler than gel. CLICK HERE TO CHECK THEM OUT


The gel memory foam contains beads of gels which give a cooling effect by changing from solid to liquid. It stops motion transition when slept on, and cradles the pressure points in all parts of the body. It also has anti-microbial properties which prevent the rush of histamine in people with allergies.

It is one of the best memory foams due to its supporting property, and is most favourable for people who have a history of waking up with an aching body. Its durability as well is the best. CLICK HERE TO VIEW IT


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Awesome Bedroom Interior Design Ideas That Work

If you are contemplating a bedroom makeover, it is best to come up first with bedroom interior design ideas that are simple and yet sophisticated. In doing a bedroom makeover, several thoughts may come into mind and this is an excellent opportunity to face the challenge of a bedroom makeover.


Some people would consider something that is fun and fanciful, combining unconventional pattern and bright colors. Yet, others may want a simple bedroom design that has the serene to rest comfortably after a busy day. The best way to be delighted with the bedroom makeover is to follow what is in your mind, regardless whether the bedroom interior design you want is simple or whimsical.

The following are awesome bedroom design ideas that can guide you to decide the perfect bedroom makeover you are dreaming of.

Having a good theme: In any scheme, the first thing to consider is a theme from which your idea can anchor and all the things to follow will match with the concept. For example, you can decide a sea theme where you can adopt a palette of sea foam pattern in grey and ivory. Many people love sea foam because of its great color and the relaxing and calm feeling it delivers.

Do a bed makeover: The bed has the significant presence in the bedroom because it is cumbersome. Therefore, making it look the best centerpiece will help in achieving the bedroom makeover you have in mind. Choose fabulous sheets that can playfully frill around the edges of the bed with matching artful design or pattern that will match the theme. Picking the right color of the sheets is crucial; it must provide the perfect touch of design on the bed. However, avoid doing over-pattern or incorporate too many colors especially if you intend the bedroom to be calm and restful.

Choose the right furniture: Choosing the appropriate bedroom furniture will uphold the bedroom atmosphere you intend to establish. If you want the room to be serene, you can choose solids as well as mirrored furniture; this will complement the restful atmosphere of the bedroom. The mirrored furniture restrains the feeling of heaviness and it reflects light beautifully at the same time. Another way to decorate as part of a simple bedroom design is using a desk to be a nightstand.

Such double-duty furniture wonderfully decorates small spaces and provides multi-purpose functions especially if the room cannot accommodate another desk. This furniture will also serve as the bedroom’s working table and serve as a place to put away personal stuff.

Use of mirrors and other decorative items: One great trick on bedroom interior design ideas is the incorporation of mirrors in the bedroom. Other than hanging mirrors on walls and placing mirrored furniture, you can use items such as lamps that have a reflective material. Mirrors and other reflective items bring light that can make the bedroom brighter and make it feel bigger.

The effect would be the bedroom is likened to a grand hotel suite with the comforts of home. Additionally, choose a room décor that will serve as a large focal point instead of designing with many small pieces of art. This will make the entire bedroom feels bigger.

Be creative at minimal cost: Establishing an utterly unique, but simple bedroom design need not be expensive; you can visit auction houses and consignment stores in order to score great bedroom items that can create one-of-a kind bedroom interior. In doing so, you will be amazed of what you will find and it costs less.

Having a bedroom make-over is a good opportunity to implement awesome bedroom interior design ideas that will not only provide excellent improvements, but will also turn your bedroom in the way that you wanted it be with the comfortable atmosphere you needed.

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5 Tips for a Good Bedroom Design

bedroom design ideas

Did you know that more people consider a room with simple design, which feels just right to them? The reason on this does not solely depend on how simple the design is, but also on how the room functions well. However, implementing a simple design is not easy as it looks, especially when it comes to bedrooms.


Every bedroom has bed, which is an absolute consideration when designing a bedroom. Beds are bulky and unwieldy, it influence the positioning of other objects in the bedroom. However, if you are initiating a bedroom design from scratch or if you are remodeling and existing one, you can possibly have a better way of controlling other bedroom items and creating as space that is both practical and elegant.

Although you might be limited of not having a great view, access to charming outdoors or has plenty of space to implement your bedroom ideas, you can still apply the basic principle of good and simple way of designing that will inspire you in doing your bedroom design ideas.

bedroom design ideas

Since the bedroom is considered to be the simplest room in the house, it is usually overlooked. The first step in outstanding bedroom design is to have an effective and well-planned floor plan, which provides you with everything you need regardless of the amount of space you are working with.

The following are some tips to help you on how to design a bedroom and be able to implement your ideas:

Practical circulation. Try to establish the circulation concentrated on one side of the bedroom. Most hotels do this and it is probably the reason why most hotels use the same floor plan because it is simple and woks effectively. In order to maximize the space, you need to pay attention of knowing where to locate the closet and bathroom.

Concentrate of focusing on the view. It always feels great that when you wake up in the morning you have a pleasant view out of the window. When designing a new bedroom, be able to make a layout that concentrates on the vista, it can be a stunning view of mountains or simply your backyard.

Privacy is a must. It is comforting if you can leave the door of the bedroom open without compromising your privacy. A small foyer delivers the necessary separation between bedroom and family room. Try avoiding layout design that gives direct view into the bedroom from a general space such as kitchen, great room or family.

Include outdoors to the plan. Although this bedroom design may not be appropriate in all climates, associating a room with the outdoors is wonderful. The inclusion will provide more natural light and visual space. It is also very relaxing to have the outdoors included to the plan.

Layout of Furniture is a great consideration. Depending on the personal needs of the user, the layout of furniture should be greatly considered. There should be ample space around the bed for circulation and necessary furniture such as nightstands. Proper layout of furniture will also provide better lighting and ventilation.


Designing a bedroom does not have to be rocket science, all you have to do to is to keep it simple! if you follow the bedroom design ideas shared with you in this article, I  believe you will come up with a great design for your bedroom. I will recommend you check out this collection of Beds to see if you will find one that will Wow you! Click Here